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Our turnkey solution means that all your primary management can be run out of a single integrated online system. Look after your members, communicate with all stakeholders and take care of standard website needs.

Association Management

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Apps that connect Modules to Web Pages



Maintain Member Information

The rich CRM environment makes it easy to maintain people, organisations and people's relationships within their organisations.  Use the account system for these people to login and self-manage their details and gain access to targeted member information.


Membership Management

Use the built-in system to manage membership types, both people and organisation related.  Manage the annual membership fees, including an ability to run customised batch membership invoices.  Apply membership levels to discount groups to give beneficial pricing to system members.


Member Directories

Allow visitors to search for members by keyword, region, company name, location, occupation or other key data.


Online Learning Modules

Deliver learning to members through compact online learning modules.  These can be stand-alone or have a quiz attached and can be attached to an online event.  Learning can also synch directly into the CE system.


Online Event Management

A complete event management system makes it very easy to run seminars and webinars, or even meetings.  There are many options on how an event can be run, including gathering details of each participant through to simply advertising that something is coming up.


Continuing Education (CE)

Particularly for professional organisations it is critical that members demonstrate ongoing learning.  Often referred to as Continuing Professional Development (CPD), or Professional Development Hours (PDH's) this is a dedicated system built for this purpose.  It supports integration of external education providers, learning plans and of course tracks each persons learning history.


Online Surveys

Learn from your audience by delivering an online survey.  Use the built-in connection with the CRM system to mass send out invitations to participate, keep track of who answered, automatically re-prompt those who haven't responded and review answers through visual presentations and data exports for deeper analysis.


Annual Declarations

Configure the system so that member organisations can submit business information each year, confirming they are meeting the necessary standards specified to maintain their membership.


Information Dissemination

Use the Email Marketing system and the CMS system to give standard web content.  It's incredibly easy to keep in touch with the target audience.



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