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Giving great service to your members is the best way to gain loyalty by making them feel connected and valued.

Meet their expectations using the latest Association Management Software developed by Stream Interactive. All online, all in one place.. try it out today!


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Give them resources

Provide useful resources instantly, with the option to password protect for members only.


Continuing professional development

Use CPD as a great way to encourage members to keep their learning current and relevant to their industry.

Sign Up

Simple renewals

Subscription renewals can be done online, with reminders set up to inform members of impending dates.

Alert Everyone

Keep them informed

Create a professional newsletter to send out to your database, or post news and events to your website.


Offer discount pricing

Configure your members into different groupings and offer different pricing structures to suit.


Online directory

Provide an online directory of your members, ideal for networking and exposure.

For administrators


Easy Admin

No hassle admin

Simple and intuitive admin for managing all aspects of your organisation. Just login to one place to do it all.

Online Purchases

Online sales

Offer goods and services for sale with easy payment processing and fulfilment.


Members can self-manage

Allow members to update some of their own data freeing you up to do other tasks.

Conference System

Create your own conference website

Showcase your conference by highlighting your speakers, program of events, even take bookings and payments online.


Muti-site capability

Add another website to your main website making it easy to manage multiple websites from the same place.

Sign Up Wizard

Online registrations

Automating registrations can save you a lot of time, use our online wizard to do most of the heavy lifting.

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