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Manage all your membership data and renewal processes online, using groups, roles and profile information that is important to your organisation.

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Common solutions to manage membership

Our configuration process provides choices around how you run the following aspects of your organisation.


Maintain Member Information

The rich CRM environment makes it easy to maintain membership contact information both for people, and organisations, as well as managing people's relationships within their organisations.


Membership Profile Information

Use the built-in systems to collect and store membership profile information specific to your association or organisation. Manage and analyse that information to better understand your membership base.


Online Membership Application

User our integrated application wizard and administration processing to easily manage new people and organisations that want to join. We've provided space to collect added custom profiling data so only meaningful results will carry through.  This gives a powerful pathway when combined with the promotional content managed using standard CMS tools which invites people to join.


Online Membership Renewal

You don't need to invoice renewals from a separate accounting system, or generate hundreds of separate invoices to put in the post. Our renewal process is all online and can be batch driven, or fully automated.  It even includes sending reminders to members to update their membership information.


Online Statements and Invoices

Allow members to see invoices and statement online, and set default people or override values as the recipient of invoices and statements within organisations.


Annual Declarations

Configure the system so that member organisations can submit business information each year, confirming they are meeting the necessary standards specified to maintain their membership.


Auto Calculate Membership Fees

We take time to understand your membership rules, including types, tiers, fee calculations and mid-term charging or cancellation rules. We'll scope this information and deploy our solution so that those rules are built in, allowing for automatically calculating application fees, membership fees, and renewals from membership data.


Contact Records and Call Cycles

Use our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system to record contact with members by email, phone, and chat. Record meeting details or simply make a file note.


Create Action Lists

Create lists from membership and profile groups for specific actions that can be shared across your staff, giving a central location to view action progress. Great for call lists or follow-up activity.


Membership Levels to Drive Discounts and Access to Content

Apply discount groups for membership levels to give tiered pricing to your members.  Similarly we can automatically connect membership levels with page access roles making it easy to restrict access to privileged information for certain member types.


Targeted Marketing Tools

Use the Email Marketing and CRM systems to engage with your member audience. It's incredibly easy as we provide the design templates so you only need worry about the content. Targeted campaigns are a breeze as recipients are a 'slice and dice' outcome from the online CRM filtering tools.



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