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The services that you provide for your members are key to their involvement with you. Facilitate membership engagement with our suite of ready built tools.

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Engagement is a 2-way street.

We have a number of pre-built CMS Apps that help deliver resource, facilitate actions and attract input from members.


Members Self Manage Data

Let members log in to the system and self-manage their contact and profile information. In most cases members gain value through exposure in the website, and so this drives a simple maintenance plan.


Access Roles

Give members access to site pages based on their membership status and personal roles. This gives a personalised experience where members see only content that is relevant. This is particularly useful for privileged information and personal content such as online learning and events. You can also create internal reference directories for boards or committees.


Member Directories

Allow visitors to search for members by keyword, region, company name, location, occupation or other key data.



Allow online payments in respect of membership applications, renewals, events and learning modules. Pay now or pay later options available (credit card, direct debit, or on account).


Online Surveys

Learn from your audience by delivering an online survey. Use the built-in connection with the CRM system to mass send out invitations to participate, keep track of who answered, automatically re-prompt those who haven't responded and review answers through visual presentations and data exports.


Information Dissemination

Use the Email Marketing system and the CMS system to propagate news, events and current issues. It's incredibly easy to keep in touch with the target audience.


AGM or Membership Surveys

Use our Survey engine to collect membership information or simple AGM voting from members - no login required.


Get Feedback

We've got feedback tools to collect all manner of feedback, from simple contact us forms to cancellation and complaint forms, to sophisticated stand alone feedback systems.


Engage Members Across Multiple Sites

Connect one database with multiple websites, tailoring experiences for specific outcomes - great for separate events, learning or CPD sites using a common administration.



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NZLLA Case Study

New Zealand Law Librarians Association

NZLLA needed a document filing system that could be accessed by members from all over the country, they also needed a solution that could allow certain access rights to different members.
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