Online Learning Modules

LEARN provides the ability to create online learning units and to make these available to the public and/or logged in users.

An array of material can be loaded, including the ability to create an online tutorial.  Plus the system connects with other modules such as MAIL, SHOP, CPD and QUIZ.


Online Learning

Create learning products for sale or for delivery internally or externally.

Flexible formats

Use multiple formats including HTML, PDF documents, Video, Images.

Group learning

Structure learning modules into groups, or display on web pages for selection by learners using categories.


We can provide custom progress reports or learning plans for learning material on student/staff dashboards.

Assess learning

Assess learning using tutors or combine with QUIZ for automatic assessments.


Easily build a collection of web pages into a structured tutorial. This includes HTML snippets making it very easy to build rich content in a consistent manner.

Student/Tutor access

Students can upload course work and ask questions of tutors via online document upload facilities and chat functions.

Flexible grading options

Set Learning types using competency or grades as required.


Give learners the ability to provide feedback on learning.

Tutor dashboards

We can create dashboards that fit the way you want to work.

Integrate Me!

Learning modules seamlessly integrate with our other systems, including QUIZ, EVENT, CRM and CPD giving a comprehensive package of tools.



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