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It's an ethos, far deeper than simple e-commerce

Take your business to new levels by leveraging the power of online. Automate tasks, allow customers to self-manage their activity, run business processes through accessible online portals and more.


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We've built many online shops, from simple models through to complex discount structures. The system comes packed with all the tools needed, including support for variation products, electronic goods, services and online payments integration.

Online Product Database

Make this as simple or as complex as you need. From a handful of feature items, to deep category trees to hundreds of thousands of items than need sophisticated search support. Get it online and make life easy.

Email Marketing

It's always critical to keep in touch with your audience, and the powerful mass email marketing system in streamSWEET makes this a breeze. It connects directly with the CRM system, and includes powerful filtering options to make targeted communication easy. The system includes rich content editing, send scheduling, and detailed view reports.  Our clients send tens of thousands of emails through this system.


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Give your customers online access to your products and services.  Use your database for outbound management including call cycle management, online chat, detailed profiling. Know that all members of your team have access to the same information at all times.

Internal Business Processes

Keep track of project teams, information flow or any kind of structured process that needs to be followed.  It's unlimited how our clients are using our tools to make their management faster and more powerful.

External Data Sources

It's easy to connect external data sources to our systems.  This can be customer or product databases, and the process can be manual or fully automated using modern tools such as Web Services.

Re-seller and Staff Training

Educated staff and re-seller staff is a major boost to productivity. Our clients use the systems available to manage the learning process, knowing who has completed what.  Further this is a great method of developing closer relations with customers.

Online Events

The events system has been geared specially to suit business needs. If you want to put on training events, do a road show, or a one-off seminar then this event system will suit perfectly.

Custom Online Services

The sky is the limit here.  The streamSWEET system has been designed to be customised. The standard tools already provide a great arsenal for powerful online activity, and when it is extended to give tailored solutions to specific business needs it really shines.


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