We want to do business in an ethical and friendly manner, and value long term strategic partnerships. Its important in doing what we do that communication is open and honest, and flows both ways between a companies representatives and its clients. Notwithstanding this there is some value in setting specific details of what clients should expect from us and vice versa.

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Project Terms and Conditions

Here are our standard terms and conditions, outlining normal business requirements, liabilities and other small print related to carrying out project work.

Service Level Agreement

We also have a service level agreement which outlines the promises that we can make in terms of Service Levels to our customers, as well as the service levels provided to us by our main hosting provider (Vocus).

Schedule of Hosting Services

Recently introduced here is a  summary page of typical hosting services. We intend to get around all of our customers to make them familiar with this page, as it sets out standard options in respect of hosting, backups and other related services issues. Email us if you want to know more.


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