Our development process

Structured process creates efficiency and quality

Stream Interactive has developed a process that is 100% managed online.  We live what we preach about 'web-erising business' and reap rewards from the open, available and structured nature it delivers.  By identifying goals and with everyone sharing common understanding, it's easier to hit a home run every time!


Our 3 staged approach

Stream Interactive has developed a 3 phase approach that gives clear structure to the process and allows our clients to have a tangible understanding of their project. Successful web site development requires a collaborative environment between client and developer, and this process is geared to support that.

Our Development Process


Stage 1 - Discovery and detailed specification

The first stage is to clearly identify the development parameters, and explicitly define the technical environment that will be used. To do this we create 2 separate platforms, SPEC, TECH and in some cases (for complex websites) a 3rd, HTML.

SPEC Phase


Mock-up of all pages and interfaces, providing a tangible and interactive demonstration of the site. We employ an agile approach that allows for changes to happen in a rapid and collaborative way.

  • Site structure
  • Gathering place for text and images
  • Focus is on content and user flow not design (easy to iterate, pivot and change)
  • Marketing, sales and business focus
  • SEO text and phrases
  • Development notes and help text
  • New and novel components specified

SPEC Phase


Here we identify the ’Technical Roadmap’.

  • Target User flows
  • Business rules and functionality
  • Data inputs
  • Test cases
  • Process flows

HTML phase

HTML & Design

After completing 'approved' visuals of the project, we move on to the HTML production. Here we focus on:

  • Custom coding of HTML Shells
  • Creating an overarching design/brand
  • Creating CSS content
  • Producing artwork for use in the pages
  • Laying up page content


Stage 2 - Build functionality, tuning and testing

Here we take the SPEC, TECH and HTML websites as inputs, and build the dynamic functionality required to deliver the specified online services. Our team will break the larger project down into achievable blocks, all tasks will be listed and time/people will be allocated to 'get it done'. We'll meet regularly to keep things on-track, everything is transparent during development, including milestones, meeting notes, change requests, issue tracking and sign-offs.



Development website; with all visual elements and functionality progressively built in to produce a fully functional website. This site becomes a mirror of the final website. All final testing is done, ready for Go Live.


Stage 3 - Go Live

The solution is migrated from our Staging server to the live environment. Final testing is undertaken, then the site is complete.

HTML phase


Your site is ready for business and available for search engines to index. All web services, reports and daily routines are functioning, all you need to do is promote the site and get your customers to use it.




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