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Creating smart systems by working together

Our business is to make your business great. Our mix of tools, experience and expertise married with your practical needs and ideas are the ingredients needed to create value.  The vision is to empower you with great systems that give superior service to your own clients, faster and more easily.

Stream Interactive is well versed in the development of bespoke online systems that enhance your business processes.


Stream Work

Custom online business systems

Moving business activity to use a centralised, online approach has been the core of our existence for over ten years.  The kinds of solutions we establish include:

  • e-commerce / B2B e-commerce
  • Online product database / search engine
  • Email marketing
  • CRM
  • Internal business process management
  • Integration with external data sources
  • ERP integration (Enterprise Resource Planning)
  • SMS integration (automated and in bulk)
  • Micro-sites
  • Image galleries
  • Re-seller and Internal staff training
  • Online events
  • Custom online services


Stream Work

Online footprint

The principle is the same but the sophistication and scale may be reduced.  Our systems and approach apply equally well for smaller needs, with the balance of effort more focused on design.  The engine remains and is open for use as business grows.

  • 'Brochure' sites
  • Microsites
  • Product listings
  • Staff and/or customer management
  • Special business processes


The internet has long been established as a great medium for communication.  Now it has evolved and has become a great medium for delivery of software.  Bandwidth, screen resolution, devices and rich interface capability are no longer a barrier.  While on the flip-side huge benefits from centralised systems that can be updated and extended at any time are being realised.
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