Frequently Asked Questions

No two associations are the same so it makes finding software to manage all the variations very difficult. Here we try to answer some of your questions in regards to our system. If you can't find an answer to what you're after, please use the chat to ask one of our staff or contact us directly.


Membership Handling

Questions about how we handle your membership processes and data

How does your membership application process work?

We work with you to see how you want members to be engaged. We work out what pathway through your website they should take, and lead them to an online 4 step application wizard. This collects membership information relevant to your membership structure. Step 1 - collects personal details, Step 2 - collects company information (if requried) Step 3 - Collects membership profile information (groups or other membership information that supports their application) Step 4 - Confirmation of details. On completion of step 4 an email is sent to your administration staff, and a dashboard alert is displayed in your administration site. You can review the application, make file notes, and confirm the membership application as approved or otherwise as required.

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How do you know what to charge?

We work with you to determine membership types and pricing structure. Calculations are written to support automated charging for the groups identified. You get the ability to change pricing, and we retain the ability to add new groups should you want to change your structure. This ensures automated processes remain functional and efficient.

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When is the member invoiced?

On acceptance of their membership an invoice is generated and emailed, as well as being made available on a members dashboard. Alternatively we can arrange for the invoice to be triggered, and payment collected, through the application process.

What if my members all renew on a different anniversary date?

We can configure the system to a common expiry date for all members, or a subscription based configuration for an individual anniversary date. Ultimately we will endeavour to make our system meet your rules, not make your rules fit our system!

Our membership fee is based on a count of staff per company - can your system handle this?

Yes, your membership administration will be based on a mix of user input information, such as membership pricing, groups and types, and some bespoke calculations we create to look at your pricing structure, rules and profile information to determine price. These calculations are applied at the point of invoicing in automated ways, so you don't have to work it out manually.

We set up excel spread sheets for special purposes such as contacts for shows, sales calls, and auditing processes. How are these processes incorporated in your system?

We have a task manager that can be used to list groups of people to contact, with follow up tools built in and connected directly to the members CRM records. This meets basic needs. Alternatively we can modify the detail of it, or even build bespoke process driven pages for more complex requirements.

Heres a case study on our Action Lists App

Can I see how it works, is there a demo I can try

Yes we have a demo that shows most of the system. You'll be able to see members in the CRM database, Shop orders, invoicing, basic newsletters, events, website pages, etc. For a full demonstration please contact us.

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Our Platform

Questions about our platform and why we do it the way we do.

Is the website separate to the membership handling?

No, The core of our system involves management of many data tables that record key information about people and organisations, and their relationship with you (including membership information). This information can then be presented to the public, logged in members, or used for administrative purposes to contact and engage with members. We don't expect data to be transferred to other systems using CSV or excel spreadsheets - its our pet hate.

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What if I only want a website or just a CRM system.

No problem! All of our modules are designed to be configured either as stand alone in their functionality, or configured to work together in standard ways. We'll establish what you need to achieve, and plan, price and configure the platform to suit.

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There's so many different options for association management software. How does your platform compare to other providers?

Our focus is to provide a platform that an average user with no technical skills can maintain. It should cross as many areas of your membership management as possible, reducing the number of providers and data locations. It's also your own solution and can be straight out of the box or as custom as you want it. Either way we will support you on an ongoing basis to meet your strategic goals.

Check out some key things to look for when choosing a membership management platform

Can you send data to other systems?

Yes, we integrate with Xero for accounting purposes, and have a lot of experience in connecting to other third party systems to support your desired outcomes.

Connecting to other systems

Whilst we try and provide an all in one solution sometimes it makes sense to connect to other software.

I can get a free platform with minimal up front costs - why use your platform?.

Free or cheap platforms usually come with a lot of limitations in functionality. There is also usually an unaccounted for overhead incurred by many organisations in learning how to setup the structure of the platform to meet your membership rules, and desired processes. That's where we come in - we know our system, and you know your rules. We set it up so you can carry on with the business of membership management.


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