The Stream Way

Structured process creates efficiency and quality

Stream Interactive has developed a process that is 100% managed online.  We live what we preach about 'web-erising business' and reap rewards from the open, available and structured nature it delivers.  By identifying goals and with everyone sharing common understanding, it's easier to hit a home run every time!


Dreams are easy and sometimes these are confused with practical reality.

Software development is very similar to most projects, with one great example being construction of a house.  If all you want is a simple garage then expect to choose from a selection of pre-designed options. If you are seeking an architecturally designed house that nestles into the hillside above a lake, then expect to spend time working through design options, dealing with engineering issues, battling with budgetary trade-offs and making subjective calls on the various issues as they are balanced through.

In all cases it is critically important to be clear about what is needed and why, but as the levels of custom need grow the scale of effort also exponentially grows. And as the scale grows, so does the need to adhere with a highly disciplined approach.

With the right approach we can still dream, but these will come with managed expectations and achievable outcomes.

The 3 stage approach

Stream Interactive has developed a 3 phase approach that gives clear structure to the process and allows our clients to have a tangible understanding of core issues as the process flows through. Successful web site development requires a collaborative environment between client and developer, and this process is geared to support that.

Our Development Process




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