There's an App for that!

Powerful tools for common needs.

Apps are packaged blocks of business functionality that make common tasks both bullet proof and super easy to achieve.  Apps can be attached to any page in your website, easily injecting dynamic content and giving your visitors a rich experience.


Apps that connect Modules to Web Pages

In most cases the system Modules need to be injected in some form to the user interface for your customers to interact with.  There are numerous Apps available to support these outcomes. The following examples represent a much wider set.

➜ Basket

➜ Checkout

➜ Book an Event

➜ Do a Learning Module

➜ Products for sale

➜ Events for sale

➜ Learning Modules for sale

➜ Electronic goods for sale

➜ Online Quiz

➜ Online Survey

➜ Email archive

➜ Simple Events

My Profile

My Previous Orders

➜ My Learning Modules

➜ My Events

Self contained Apps

When working online there are many common needs. We've created a comprehensive series of Apps to make these functions easy.

➜ Contact us

➜ Store Locations

➜ Case Study

➜ Feedback

➜ Document downloads

➜ Image Gallery

➜ Blog

➜ Links

➜ Employment

➜ News

➜ Document Downloads

➜ Simple Events

➜ Staff

➜ FAQ's

➜ Video

Custom Apps

When you've got a special need, let our App process come to the rescue. Using our established model we can create the tools you need. An App typically consists of an online administration page available in the CMS, connected to a public facing page on your website.




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