Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a central core that is paired with the CMS system and together they set a foundation that services most of the wider systems offered.

It offers rich management of people and organisations, and ensures a one-stop shop for common business needs.


100% Online admin

Manage and work with all aspects of external and internal contact, 24/7 from any device with internet access.

Call Cycle Management

Ensure your customers are given the attention they deserve. Set up call cycles and plan one-off contact to follow up on opportunities. Record phone discussions, meetings, file notes and send emails.

Client database

Manage people, organisations and people acting as employees of organisations. Configure rich profiling at each of these levels, and then use that profiling to drive business systems.

Marketing lists

Use dynamic filtering to slice and dice your database of people and companies into targeted lists. View the output online, export it to a file or carry it directly into the MAIL system as a recipient list.

Organisation Structures

Create linkages between organisations, such as a Head Office and branches, or a Franchisee and Franchisor partnership.

Roles and Types

Assign people and organisations to profiles as needed to identify them as Suppliers, Customers, Members, Venues, Primary Contacts and more.

Login Access

Use the self manage tools to assign logins, and drive access to restricted pages as needed.

Configures Accounts

Set the commercial relationship that your customers have with you, including setting whether they receive credit, how much credit, checkout payment options and more.

Common Custom Features

Add membership functionality

Add membership functionality, including scheduled invoicing, multiple levels for people and/or companies, discounted SHOP prices and special access rights to website content.

Integrate streamSWEET

Work up extended solutions such as delivery of learning to staff in reseller networks by using the LEARN system in combination with the CRM.


We can add in the ability to draw data based on predetermined or custom demographics.

External Data

The streamSWEET CRM can act as a master system to other systems, or as a copy of an external master system. Synchronise at scheduled periods such as daily, and call on the data in real time using Web Services.

Customer online access

Use the CRM to drive access roles which in turn drive privileges when users login, allowing access only to the nominated pages. Staff, customers and other groups of people can access information, or utilise online tools.

Discount Pricing

Assign people and organisations to Discount Groups so they receive preferential pricing when purchasing through the SHOP, no matter whether physical goods, Events or Learning Modules.

Manage Staff

It's the very same system where staff are managed. Create internal roles and in a similar manner give access rights to staff as needed in the online admin, so they can manage only the aspects they need to.

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Integrate Me!
Our CRM system is integrated through all of the streamSWEET solutions. Further, it has been specially designed to support customisation meaning the outcome can be exactly as desired.



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