Event Management

EVENT is a 100% online solution designed specifically for running seminars, courses, roadshows and conferences.

Promote upcoming offers, sell attendance, manage bookings and note attendance.  The system supports one-off shows and repeated instances such as on a road show.


Market events

Display online events with multiple instances over time. Use your CRM database to market the event, easily email information to potential attendees.

Manage venues

Maintain a list of common venues for tick box creation of future events, and standard CRM tools to manage a relationship with the venue.

Set event types

Set event types to to carry through to reporting functionality, or for integration with CPD. This includes online webinars through to Conferences.

Customize Booking Info

Features are included to allow different levels of booking information, from a simple attendance count to full registration information.

Communicate with attendees

Import product details, pricing descriptions and much more. This can be a one-off or a daily copy from an external ERP system.

Categoriese Events

Create Categories to allow events to be displayed in groupings by education type.

Export data

Use MAIL and SMS to send related information to those who have already booked, giving final reminders or notice of last minute cancellations.

Manage events

When used in conjunction with SHOP the system can let you manage online bookings, take payments and note attendance records.

Manage presenters

Maintain a list of your common presenters to allow easy tick box creation of future events.

Present sponsor information

Thank and show sponsor images and information against the event web page in a consistent format.

Preset layout options

The system offers a range of standard layouts, and as with most aspects of our system we can easily extend and tune as required to meet the particular requirements of your business situation.

Early bird pricing

Give price discounts for early bookings, or set sale dates to suit.

Membership discounts

Allow for membership only or other industry group pricing

Integrate Me!

EVENT seamless integrates with many of our other systems such as CRM, SHOP, LEARN, QUIZ, CPD and MAIL, giving a powerful package of tools that services an extended set of needs.



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