CPD Delivery and Recording software

In today's environment most industries require that members do continuing education to keep abreast of recent trends and best practices. This is commonly known as CPD (Continuing Professional Development), CE (Continuing Education), and PDH (Professional Development Hours),

The CPD system offers a total package, supporting every aspect from delivery of learning, managing 'approved' education providers, to recording and reporting on completions by members.


Planning goals and targets

Participants are given a planning framework where they can set up learning goals and measure against those targets.

Self recording

Participants can self record CPD activities which they completed outside of recognised Education Provider delivered activity. This includes ability to set how it relates to their Licenses and upload collateral such as certificates.

Multiple delivery methods

Use the directly integrated streamSWEET learning delivery tools, including Online Modules, Events and Quizzes, and also easily record activities managed from external learning management systems.

CPD Activites

Typical examples of activities that may contribute towards CPD are as follows:

  • Evening technical meetings
  • Day seminars and conferences
  • Research
  • Mentoring
  • Short training courses
  • Training videos
  • Presenting paper at a relevant industry conference
  • Authorship or refereeing of papers
  • Project leadership and team building

Custom dashboards

Tune landing pages to suit information by user type, including participants, Education Providers, employers and the assessing Licensing Boards.

Custom Reporting

A suite of standard reports are offered, and the system can easily be extended to offer any kind of report needed, from visual charts through to downloading bulk data.

Education Provider Support

Set up recognised Education Providers to enter CPD activities, or they can upload files or use Web Services to mass manage their activities offered.

Learning Topics

Easily set up areas of competency and track learning against those topics.

What about our rules?

Every profession typically has unique CPD requirements. Our system handles special reporting periods, different learning 'currencies' and can easily be integrated to drive orgnisation membership levels.



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