Gain Insights through Survey Feedback

SURVEY gives you the ability to seek feedback and opinions from your customers, suppliers, members or other focus groups that are important to your business.

Collect valuable information about what people think of your product or service offering, find out if new products are of interest to your target audience, and much more.


Multiple access types

Respondents can access survey’s via personalised dashboard pages, learning modules, or by clicking a link in an 'invite email'.

Multiple question types

Questions can be presented in multiple ways including multi choice, multi select, numerical, matching phrases, written, or use predefined rating sets.


Organise questions in longer surveys into sections that are topical and manageable for participants.

Rating sets

Create 'cover questions' that work in combination with a group of questions that hold a similar structure, such as a classic rating 'out of 5'.

Multiple configurations

During setup of a quiz, configure as desired to display section headings, question navigation and back buttons as required.

Time limits

Set maximum time limits for completion of questions, including time out after a predefined period of time.

Multiple sessions

Allow users multiple access if required, with the ability to continue from where they left off.

Thank participants

Display start and finish messages relevant to your survey.

Consent Forms and Support

Provide respondents information, guidance and access to support using Section headers, or custom pages

Multiple languages & Audio

Allow for questions to be in entered and presented in multiple languages, and load supporting audio for each question so users who struggle to read will have equal access.


Dynamically drive which questions are displayed based on answers to prior questions.


Upload bulk respondents, bulk aUdio manage user response, clear unanswered questions, clone surveys, or review answers on a wholesale basis.

Looking for something different? 

We can support custom question types, custom branching requirements or support special navigation requirements



Survey Case Study

University of Auckland Youth Survey

A complex survey system was required to gather important information about the health and wellbeing of New Zealand's teenagers.
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