Powerful tools for a growing business

Small business, or big business with targeted needs

There remains common needs for simple websites that convey important information about a business, and support basic service needs.  The CRM portion of the streamSWEET package delivers powerful tools to do just that, effectively and efficiently.  Plus it has the benefit of being able to turn on more advanced features as business grows.

Entry Level Websites

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'Brochure' Sites

When you simply need to let the world know about the product or service you offer, then a 'brochure' site will usually fit the bill.  No matter what system is used, there remains the need for a professional team to establish a visual identity, usable flow and Search Engine optimisation that will pitch your business to the world better than your opposition.

Product Listings

Use a templated database approach to make it easy to present your products.  You may not need the e-commerce handling, just a simple and efficient method to have your wares presented in a professional and consistent manner.

Staff and Customer Management

The CRM system lends itself perfectly to management of staff and customers, keep all information that is central to your business in one place.

Special Business Processes

You may have a specific need where a simple online solutions will deliver huge value.  We're forever making business easier, so talk to us.  You'll be surprised at the options we can offer.




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