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streamSWEET is a proven software platform that features self-manage capability and built-in SEO. Far more than a website, it promotes rapid delivery of serious business functionality. The CMS system is easy to use, and is complimented by a SUITE of integrated Apps and Modules - all of which share the same CRM database and CMS templates core. The Apps make common needs such as presenting store locations both bullet-proof and super easy to manage.

You're in control with streamSWEET CMS

Our business is to make your business great. We'll empower you with great systems that give superior service to your own clients, faster and more easily.

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Don’t put me in a Box!
Here’s our point of difference. We built our platform to be easily customised. If our off the shelf configurations don't quite suit, we can modify them to meet your requirements.

Professional web design

We design, you run your business. Our normal approach is to create the environment and apply the first cut of content. You then take over, calling on Stream only as wider support is required.

Multi-site capability

Manage multiple sites from a single admin, and use shared Apps to deliver products and services, and manage content from a common database.

Flexible HTML content editor

The HTML editor is flexible and gives freedom to manage page content in a 'Word' like environment. There are many tools, plus we include HTML snippets and a palette of website specific styles for easy updating.

Drag & drop site map structure

It's very fast and easy to add, remove and rearrange the pages in your web site. All page navigation automatically updates, meaning the website continues to function.

Add Apps to pages

Attach added functionality to web pages by selecting from the list of system Apps.  This might be a product category, a specific product, an image gallery, a list of FAQ's or another of our many Modules.

Logins integrated with CRM

Give people extended functionality with access to restricted information and extended business tools, for themselves and their organisation.

Define page access roles

Establish user roles and apply them to different pages in the site map, giving you the power to set the pages accessible to each user group. Navigation options automatically update so people only see the relevant pages.

Native SEO

High quality SEO outcomes even with standard use. Plus we offer a set of optional tools and services tools to supercharge search engine results.

Ready to rock Apps

We have an extensive range of pre-built Apps that are waiting to be used.  These give a super robust environment where non-technical people can easily manage rich, database driven content. Information is presented using professionally designed templates, custom skinned to compliment your website.  Attach an App to any page in your website and watch it work for you.



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