streamSWEET - Enterprise quality platform

Let there be no limits!

The streamSWEET system has been built using the very popular and well proven ASP.NET environment. It exists in a dedicated VPS environment provisioned by Vocus and runs on Microsoft server software.  Primary applications include IIS, SQL Server and .NET.

Rest easy knowing that security is always well catered for, as are backups and options for fail-over handling.


Purpose built engine

The entire system has been built with typical business needs in mind. Solutions are geared toward everyday needs, manageable by everyday people.


Great out of the box

There is a massive suite of functionality ready to use right out of the box. From the CMS and CRM that pervade throughout the entire system, to purpose built system Modules and ready to go Apps, most core needs are already well covered.


No business is the same. There are always special needs, and if these aren't catered for then even great systems quickly degrade and struggle. The streamSWEET system has been explicitly geared to support any level of customisation. We aim to deliver personalised outcomes that make organisations hum. The efficiency and extended service that are enjoyed during the years that follow easily eclipse any initial overhead. With our system there is never any need for the hacks and workarounds that typically plague walled solutions.



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