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New Zealand Law Librarians Association upgrades their administration capability

Type: Membership management system

Sometimes Membership organisations don't have a formal base or office to work from, and are administered by many individuals from various places. No problem with the cloud based streamSWEET membership platform.

The Details

The New Zealand Law Librarians Association (NZLLA) supports and promotes the interests of legal information professionals in New Zealand.

They have a smaller membership base and are run by a voluntary executive re-elected on a regular basis. This means in addition to typical membership application, renewal and information dissemination requirements, there is also a need to store internal documents in a common place that can readily be retrieved by the executive.

NZLLA required a website that could meet the needs of it's executive and the wider members within the association.

The Solution

Rather than using shared drives Stream Interactive created a document filing system that can be accessed from the administration pages of the website, giving admin staff the ability to upload internal documents for storage.

These documents are virus scanned and stored and can be almost any format.

Our standard role handling means that the admin team can have access to this tool or not as the case may be. NZLLA also elected to make most of these documents available to its members.

The file management system was also coupled with 2 level category handling for the grouping of documents, and a powerful search functionality that looked at multiple data fields to return the right documents to the user, both from the admin or the member portal.

This was a great example of consolidating administration into a single platform.

Check out the website here.

Get in touch with us if your interested in incorporating document filing within your membership platform.


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