Schedule of Hosting Services

On acceptance of a project we will usually provide hosting services for the finished sites. The following page sets out hosting related options and choices made to service the online needs of the customer. These choices will be documented and confirmed on completion of a project.

In line with our value to become a strategic partner with our customers we intend to implement a formal review process to ensure that the services provided, and the websites provided continue to meet the intend purpose they where designed for.

Customer Domains

We can provide the following services on your behalf:

  • Renew your domain names and manage DNS
  • Domain redirection
  • Maintain SPF records


There is a trend towards SSL becoming a more frequently required security standard. New sites will have SSL applied across them whilst we can add SSL authentication to existing pages where required

The following encryption services are available:

  • DV (Certification of domain name only + minimal other detail)
  • OV (Certification of organization details via public database)
  • EV (Extended Validation - Identify legal identity that controls the domain name and enable encryption)

Ongoing Hosting Services

Standard hosting of live sites is carried out by a secure third party hosting service, based in Auckland. Stream handle servers in house for staging, tech and spec sites. We can arrange virtual servers, or stand alone servers, use customer provided servers, or a combination of the above to suit your requirements.

Back Up Frequency

Our standard back up option with our third party hosting supplier is 7 days on disc. Alternative options are available as follows:

  • Daily Offsite, held for 1 week on disc (standard option)
  • Daily offsite, held for 1 month on disk
  • Daily offsite, held for 1 year on tape.
  • Hourly transaction logs held locally.
  • Hourly transaction logs shipped to alternate servers.
  • Long term retention - Save annual snapshot to dedicated USB HDD x 2

Disaster Recovery

We can work with you to meet disaster recovery plan objectives. Some options include:

  • Restore from daily backups (standard option)
  • Real time near mirrored environment
  • Real time mirrored environment

Additional Services

We will also record formally with you any specialised services, including the following

  • Dedicated site monitoring
  • Automated Routines,
  • Web Services running
  • SEO plans
  • Website development plans
  • Call /Review cycles





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