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Buy NZ Made strengthens online trademark with website widget.

Type: Association management customised widget

Digitally sharing a visual identity is a powerful option, yet can be risky business if done wrong. Stream Interactive is proud to have delivered a solution for Buy NZ Made, giving licencees an easy to use tool promoting their connection with the Buy NZ Made campaign whilst retaining control of the brand delivery.

The Details

The Buy NZ Made campaign promotes New Zealand businesses providing NZ made products and services. The Kiwi trademark delivers a market origin advantage and is relied upon by over 1,200 New Zealand manufacturers to differentiate their products and services in New Zealand, and overseas.

Whilst the brand has been promoted online in the past by licencees it was found that some branding used was out of date, and some licencees didn't promote the brand online.

Ryan Jennings (Executive Director) approached us with the proposition of strengthening the security of the Kiwi trademark online.

The intent was to produce a tool that encouraged licencees to promote the kiwi trademark,online whilst that providing consumers with confidence that the branding was legitimate.

It was a great idea, but one which needed to be executed with care to ensure a suitable mix of control and features.

The Solution

A widget was developed that empowers Licencees to choose a size and Logo option that suits, and then paste a script into their own website.
Buy NZ Logo Types

The logo and current Licence ID then dynamically populate into their website each time a user visits the web page.

Buy New Zealand Made retain full control as the content is always delivered from the Buy New Zealand Made system, and of course is only provided when called by an active Licencee's website. If a licencee's status changes to inactive, the script will simply return no image, or licence number.

Buy New Zealand Made can change the logo at any time and be assured that change will take immediate effect across all existing usage.

Further, the links that come layered into the logo are custom to each Licencee, meaning website users can click the logo on the Licencee web page and land on the details page for that Licencee within the Buy New Zealand Made website.

In a nutshell, Stream Interactive has provided a solution which means Buy New Zealand Made can offer use of the campaign logo in a way that ensures control over design and usage, whilst remaining easy to use and feature rich.

Ultimately consumers can rely on the connection between the Licence holder website and the verified brands and products presented form the Buy NZ database and have confidence that they are licensed with the Buy New Zealand Made Campaign.

Check out the Buy NZ press release here.

The technical application of this lends itself well to other organisations where members are keen to represent their membership in a visual and verifiable manner.


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