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Criminal Bar Association NZ - Executive Committee Voting System

Type: Association management system

There's so much to like about the new CBANZ website. We especially like their new-look design, online member application system, member's forum, newsletter and Xero integration, but what really sets this site apart is the Executive Committee Voting System.

The Details

For CBANZ the annual election of committee members was handled using various manual tasks and processes that were laborious and time-consuming.

An administrator assigned to running the election would need to compile information about the candidates into a spreadsheet and count votes manually via feedback from members (email, phone, online forms/documents). Voting is done once a year, coinciding with their AGM so there was also the added time pressure to get it all done during their busiest time of the year.

During the development of the new website and membership system it made sense to create a new tool to make the whole process easier.

Two key requirements for CBANZ were:

  1. Reduce the administrative overhead of running an election
  2. Find ways to make it easier for their members to vote

The Solution

Using the website CRM, an administrator can now load in candidates, including their bio information and a photo. Members need to login to view the profiles and vote online. All votes are tallied up by the system and displayed on-screen, giving the administrator an idea of what’s going on. The final results can be broadcast on the website by the administrator when they are ready to reveal the elected members.

The system keeps a record of previous elections and handles logic to keep voting within the organisation’s rules and regulations (eg. 1 vote for President, 2 votes for Vice President and 10 votes for Executive members).

Features include:

  • Keeps a history of elections
  • Add candidates quickly by using the CRM, load additional profile information and photo
  • Publish results on the website when you want
  • Voters get prompted when they have reached their limit
  • Voting is private (members only area)
  • Voters are anonymous
  • Vote from anywhere (just need an internet connection)
  • Helps to increase voter participation (due to its ease of use)

It’s a great little tool that could be extended to suit other organisations using the streamSWEET platform.
Contact Us to us if you’re interested in using something similar on your website.


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