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Commissioner for Children and Young People WA - Speaking Out Survey

Type: Online survey

The Commissioner for Children and Young People - WA (CCYP) leads a great team of people that are committed to making sure children and young people in Western Australia are heard, valued, healthy and safe. Stream Interactive are proud to help these kinds of organisations, which seek valuable insight and provide improvement into the wellbeing of children and young people. Here's how.

The Details

The Commissioner for Children and Young People in Western Australia is the independent person who works closely with children and young people, their families, community and government to make Western Australia a better place for 0 to 18 year-olds

The Commissioner has undertaken a major education consultation to explore the factors that influence a student’s level of engagement in school and the complex interplay these factors have on each other and their overall engagement.

As a part of this consultation and with the help of Telethon Kids Institute, CCYP are undertaking two significant surveys designed for children and young people to complete.

This will enable data to be collated with the view to informing decisions about improving the wellbeing of children and young people in the state, and form a yard stick from which to measure future progress.

The Solution

Stream Interactive have a history of Child and Youth surveys in New Zealand and via referral were offered the chance to pitch on providing a survey system for CCYP.


With the streamSWEET SURVEY module, our out of the box functionality was reviewed, and revised to meet the requirements of Telethon Kids, who are core to analysing the data collected.

Following existing brand guidelines a website was created that presented a professional face for CCYP and was user friendly for the target audience, being two age groups of children and young people aged from 8 - 12, and 13 - 17 across 200 schools.

A minimum sample size of 2000 students for each of 2 surveys was expected, with delivery across 30 students at a time. 

Consent and information pages where created and Audio support included for delivery using 7 inch tablets, along with bespoke exit pages.

Custom Admin pages were also created to support survey delivery management across the targeted schools. This included the ability to record discussions and consent information with school staff, and plan delivery of the survey to multiple batches of students within each school.

Data exports were modified to meet specific analysis requirements, and additional fields added to support common answer variables across multiple surveys, and for reference to past and future questions.

We've had positive feedback about the site design and look forward to working with the Commissioner for Children and Young persons In Western Australia throughout the delivery period, and beyond. 


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