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Whether you're a small not-for-profit or a large national association we have an online learning solution that engages and encourages learning and improvement.


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Flexible learning options for organisations large and small

People learn and engage in different ways. Fortunately our modules can work on a stand alone basis, as well as being integrated together in ways that give a more flexible outcome to members, and admin staff.


Online Learning

Sell online, and deliver learning to members or the public through compact online learning. Use HTML Content, Images, Video, PDF or other documents to support self led learning at a pace that suits your audience.


Quiz Assessments

Use our quiz tools with multiple question types to automatically assess learning, and set learning module status based on results. Perfect for compliance testing and CPD activity.


Integrate Workshops and Events

Sell online learning and allow attendance to workshops at no extra cost, whilst still charging stand alone workshop attendees.


On Sale/Early Bird

Present users with discounted pricing for learning products for determined periods of time either as a sale, or early bird discounts.


Give Your Members a Discount

We can customise discount groups to suit your business model. Allow online payments with discounts applied for members or other groups identified.


CPD - Encourage Professionalism

Show members and administrators a record of Continuing Education (CE) across workshops, events, webinars, and online learning modules. Our Continuing Professional Development (CPD) system is a fully fledged package that even includes tracking of external learning completions.


Empower Managers

Give administrators the ability to see staff progress against CPD targets, and manage ongoing CPD status and requirements with our full CPD offering.


Learning Plans

Give tools for members to think about self improvement, and set up simple learning plans to target learning in appropriate areas.


Tutor Access

Set up user roles to allow tutors to mark work, chat with learners or students and receive uploaded learning.

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