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Parkside Towbars leverage streamSWEET's data and integration capability

Type: E-commerce website

Parkside Towbars are an established supplier of towbars and outdoor lifestyle accessories based in Western Australia. They currently have two brick and mortar stores that service the Perth area. Expanding their product offer to the online environment was the next logical step but required integration with their powerful ERP system, Syteline. A challenge all too familiar for the team at Stream Interactive.

The Details

Parkside Towbars are a fully owned subsidiary of Horizon Global based in Perth, Western Australia. They operate from two branches, one in Welshpool and the other in Osborne Park.  The brand is well recognised and carries a leadership position within Western Australia.

The product offering includes towbars, bullbars, nudgebars, roof racks, spotlights, recovery equipment, weight distribution, towing accessories and more.

Products fit two main categories:

Fitted products

Fitted products that are typically car specific and require a specialist ‘fitter’ to install the product. These are predominantly towbars and other related bars.

Non-fitted products

Retail products that are non-car specific and don’t require professional fitting, such as towing wing mirrors and mobile toilets for camper vans.

Parkside offer all products non fitted, to trade and retail customers, with an option to include installation for fitted products using Parksides own installation service.

Managing product types, pricing and various product information across a large number of products can be daunting.

Challenges include displaying the correct pricing structure depending on the product being a single part supplied from supplier, a collection or kit of parts for sale to the customer directly, for their own installation, or a kit of parts installed by Parkside (including an installation fee).

The Solution

Parkside use an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) platform called Syteline.

Syteline is a well known and powerful ERP Platform often used to plan and monitor manufacturing process, and manage stock inventory as well as support accounting functionality.

Syteline data already used by Parkside included core product information, pricing, and the availability of stock at an individual level.

By Integrating streamSWEET (Stream’s core platform) with Syteline, Parkside had their product information available ‘in real-time’, with the ability to review and  add additional information to support products delivered to the website.

This method  increases accuracy and makes management of data more efficient.

Further to that pricing seen by the customer remains correct, all of the time, at the time of viewing.

Intermediary management of the data includes the ability to determine if an individual item, or a kit of parts is in stock, pricing is handled dynamically and can allow for variations such as installation costs.

Subsequent order information can then be supplied from streamSWEET back to Syteline including Syteline recognised product information, order details (for fulfilment) and accounting data that seamlessly fits the businesses internal work flows.

Stream Interactive have a wealth of experience in connecting to the Syteline ERP system, and are interested in making business more efficient by managing data in better ways to support business objectives and outcomes.

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