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HealthTech Week conference

Type: Online Event

The team at Medical Technology Association of NZ (MTANZ) manage a key industry conference for the medical technology industry. Stream was involved in providing the conference website and a system to allow for multiple registrations.

The Details

The Medical Technology Association of NZ (MTANZ) manage Healthtech Week. This event is an annual conference delivered by MTANZ on behalf of a number of different delivery partners within the medical technology industry.

The partners involved in turn provide material for sub events and workshops within the overall conference, providing specialised industry information to parts of the industry.

As peoples interests vary from a specific day of the event to a broad range of topics across the week attendees need the ability to register only for the parts of the event that appeal to them, including workshops, gala dinners, and day long attendances.

The primary objectives were:

  • Provide a repeatable management tool for listing events within the HealthTech week.
  • Provide a tool for users to register once against many events within the HealthTech week.
  • Build a system that facilitates as much ‘self management’ as possible, allowing the user to drive efficient booking of events in the website.
  • Allow for the user to go through a payment gateway system and pay for their bookings in real time.

It was also identified that multiple pricing groups would be required.

The Solution



Using the StreamSWEET EVENT Management Module as a core we provided a platform that incorporated functionality to achieve the outcomes identified.

The EVENT management tools were modified to provide an admin ability to create groups of attendees, and different prices for each group, including early bird discounting.

A single registration form was created giving the person making the booking the ability to book for multiple workshops within the conference for themselves, or for other people within their organisation, selecting the relevant price groups for each in a single process.

Collection of a privacy waiver and dietary or access requirements was also included to suit MTANZ preferences.



Tied to our CMS system the site can be used this year for the duration of the event.

Custom elements were created to meet design preferences including a speaker carousel to highlight key speakers, and other elements to highlight news updates and key sponsors.

Once the event has been completed, and time has passed, the site can be used the following year, by simply changing out the design elements, dates and conference components.

Additional pages can be created by MTANZ to show case past events or conference information.



Because past event attendees are retained in the database, our MAIL tools allow easy communication to conference and workshop attendees before and after the event, as well as promotion to future events.

We've put the power into the hands of the MTANZ staff to deliver future Healthtech Events on behalf of their key stakeholders now and for the future.

Stream Interactive have built a number of conference handling websites, and because our platform is not shared with others we are happy to make it do what you need!

Talk to us about your event management or website requirements.

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