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The Buy NZ Made campaign

Type: Association management system

Launched in 1988 the iconic Buy NZ Made campaign is about to celebrate 30 years in existence. They now have a new website and an online store to showcase their campaign, and manage their membership requirements.

The Details

Buy New Zealand Made were seeking a new website, membership management system and online portal to support membership processing and delivery of membership benefits and information.

The previous website was well out of date with some legacy issues that meant navigation was cumbersome, and the site contained too many pages.

The primary objectives were:

  • Provide a membership portal for distribution of member information and products.
  • Provide a custom product database for approved brands and products (independent of their retailers)
  • Provide a tool for managing people, and their companies, and respective memberships.
  • Integrated online membership application, approval and invoicing of memberships.
  • Refresh branding

The Solution

The solution required a new website to be constructed, in conjunction with an online membership management system.

A key area of the system was to deal with a complex membership structure that allowed for tiers of membership, with some membership types having requirements of belonging to other membership types. Application fees, prorata rules and page access roles also varied across the membership types as well, giving onion like layers of complexity to calculating charges on application and renewal.

Throughout the process the solutions' elements were continuously tweaked, until the solution met the customers needs.

The customer said:

"Just want to say how fantastic Sanjay is to work with too and despite my data not being as awesome as I thought initially, he has made things very easy. Thank you to your team for their fantastic efforts as well."

Scoping and development included the following streamSWEET modules, with a number of custom features added.



streamSWEET's Content Management System (CMS) laid the foundation for production of a modern website, with support for the range of extended services necessary to drive campaign information. Added features include handling for widgets and complaints handling.



The streamSWEET Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system was instrumental in managing membership applications and renewals. Customised roles were created to govern login profiles and page access rights, and integrated with both CMS and SHOP.

Custom membership statuses where introduced to support specific invoicing requirements with custom email templates for bespoke communication through the application process.

Customized cancellation rules and handling were also created to support a post membership debriefing process.



The streamSWEET email marketing Module was utilised to provide for direct email marketing to members for membership communication and member marketing.



Buy NZ provide support to members with marketing material, both free online graphics, and physical labels and stickers. These items are only available to members on membership pages, and furthermore, payment of membership is also required before access is provided.

All translations can be paid for online, including membership, via DPS, and invoice and payment information integrated with XERO.

Other Services


A web service was to be developed to push membership status information into the BUY NZ Storbie website, to validate access to that site for members online stores.

This saved duplication of data entry across multiple systems, and is a core part of what Stream like to do.

Licensed Products

A full product list management and search tools where developed to assist the administration to manage and monitor products and brands that have been manufactured within the campaigns standards.

This added credibility to the campaign and provided search tools and resource to better support audit and monitoring processes.

Buy NZ Made


The stream Design team did a great job in interpreting branding cues from other existing websites and corporate livery. We came up with a fresh approach that was clean and simple that the client really loved. The Website design process was based on the organisation's requirements for informing and providing resource to the public, its members, and fully considers all activity and navigation pathways that are taken on the site, as well as responsive and SEO needs.

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