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Work out how much flooring, decking or cladding you'll need for your next construction project

Type: Web-based business tool (lead generator)

ITI Timspec Ltd (previously Timspec Ltd) recently made some additions to their website, including new navigation and an online materials calculator, built to meet specific ITI Timspec requirements for their customers.

The Details

ITI Timspec Ltd, are a substantial and trusted supplier of environmentally certified timber in New Zealand. Originally established in 1990 as Timspec Ltd, they have a diverse selection of timber species, products and systems.

The company website is renowned for providing a large amount of technical resource, drawings, product specifications and know-how to architects, designers, builders and the public. Recently the company has focussed a lot of energy into three of their core markets; decking, flooring and cladding so it was decided to better align information into these areas.

Also over time the website navigation had expanded to try and highlight all product lines and multiple site elements creating a spiderweb of pathways and options.

The Solution


A large focus of the site was to revise the navigation to reflect the focus on the 3 main product lines, and tweak the design to improve the look and feel, and new branding. A full-width navigation panel was added allowing site managers to add graphics into the menu. Improving click-through rates to important content.


To enhance Information delivery to its existing customers the document download tool was extended to allow for category expansion, giving an immediate visual reference to the types of information available, allowing a user to intuitively drill down to what they need, quickly.

ITI Timspec Calculator

The calculator

An online materials calculator was built to calculate lineal metres, fixing and coating quantities for flooring, decking and weatherboards, based on the square meterage required.

To take advantage of the existing product database, further information was added to enhance the calculation algorithm. Further products can be added in the future allowing them to sync-in seamlessly with the current setup.

From a simple view the calculator can be expanded to collect additional values if more than a simple lineal meterage is required.

On presentation of the results the user can print or email a copy to themselves for future reference, or request a quotation from the ITI Timpsec sales team.

An administration page is available for the ITI Timspec staff to be able to flag quotes as they are completed.

What a great way to provide meaningful information to prospective and existing customers, and add value to your internal business processes.


Check out the website and calculator



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