Budget Estimate

In estimating our budget consideration is given to ensure sufficient time has been allowed to plan and prepare the project, see it through in a fashion that allows a considered quality approach both in respect of the public user experience and technical behind the scenes aspects. The following summarizes costs for the different stages of the production. To see a detailed summary of each stage, click here.

Phase 1- Initial System



Scoping, Documentation, Prep development environment

Base Platform


Pre production imagery, Visual skinning, sit map, responsive handling

Core Components


  • CRM
  • SMD
  • SHOP

Custom Components


  • Membership management
  • Vehicle search-ability

Data Integration & Testing

Testing tuning, polish and put live

$19,950 + gst




We make every effort to determine pricing correctly, however there is the possibility that additional costs may be discovered on full scoping. This scale represents the possibility of pricing variance when considering the unknown quantity of work required.

Phase 2- Further Development

Insert Component for future here


with some little detail if required

and Here


with some little detail if required
Ongoing Costs
(Click here to read more about our hosting options)

Monthly Hosting - Standard Option


with some little detail if required  

MAIL Email 


up to 5,000 emails per month  

Monthly Improvements and Support



Payment Schedule

On Commencement of this project we require a deposit of
On Completion of the HTML Website
On Completion of the First Cut of the Staging Site
After Go Live
Total Estimated Project Cost:

Hosting is charged monthly once the site is live. Where delays are experienced due to client hold-ups, work will be changed monthly as an estimate of work completed.
All cost are exclusive of GST

Ongoing Relationship

We want to do business in an ethical and friendly manner, and value long term strategic partnerships. Its important in doing what we do that communication is open and honest, and flows both ways between a companies representatives and its clients.

We don't build a website for you and then disappear. We create online business systems that are intended to help you meet your business goals, in a cost effective and professional manner. A large part of what we do focuses on internal process and data management.

We are committed to keeping in touch on a regular basis feel that its important that your online business system be reviewed on a regular basis, both in terms of the publicly available components, and the internal functionality, to ensure that it remains relevant to your business needs and goals.


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