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Project Proposal

Member Portal and CRM Management


Prepared for Trina Snow
17 March 2017


Thank you for the opportunity to provide a proposal in respect of the above project. If you have any questions please contact the writer for further information.

Executive Summary

  • Our CMS and CRM system will handle all page content required for member portal pages, online sales (including Freight) and downloadable assets,using roles to restrict access as needed.
  • Our CRM system will be developed to allow membership application and renewal processing using the rules and fee calculation that you have outlined.
  • Xero API integration will be included at a base level. Further discussions are required to determine full scoping details.
  • Our system allows further development of systems, reporting ability and automation on an ongoing basis as required.
  • We want to become a strategic partner with Buy NZ Made with a view to continuing to work together to assist in achieving their organisation goals.

Project Statement


“Make it easy for members to join and take advantage of members benefits, with minimal internal administration”

Estimated Cost

$19,950 + gst

We make every effort to determine pricing correctly, however there is the possibility that additional costs may be discovered on full scoping. This scale represents the possibility of pricing variance when considering the unknown quantity of work required.

Statement of Context

This proposal should be considered in conjunction with any briefing document supplied, as well as any other subsequent discussions, documents and correspondence. Stream Interactive Terms and Conditions, and Service Level Agreement should also be considered.

It should be noted that a full briefing document has/has not been completed, and a full scope has yet to be determined. There are aspects of this project that may require further work to create a detailed specification.

In comparing solutions across providers it is important to recognize that some off the self products have shared databases and development limitations. Ours does not, as we recognise that specific needs vary greatly across orgnisations. Our Platform was designed to provide core functionality in the specified areas and support future customisation.

Our proposal allows time to consider, plan, and deliver a technical solution that is robust, meets a budget, and affords future adaptability without running into walls.


The Client is seeking a new membership management system and online portal to support membership processing and delivery of membership benefits and information.

The primary objectives are:

  • Provide a membership portal for distribution of member information and products.
  • Provide reference to members of approved brands and products (independent of their retailers)
  • Provide a tool for managing people, and their companies, and respective memberships.
  • Integrated online membership application, approval and invoicing of memberships.
  • Communication of information to members and other groups.


The client has expressed a need to have the system finished by June 30th in order to facilitate membership renewals.Our initial focus will be on the ............   process, with as option to stagger delivery of other elements that may be required to ensure this key deliverable is met.

The Proposed Solution


Our Platform supports the integration of its parts with implementation and tuning carried out to achieved your required outcomes. Following the planning phases of development there are two aspects of the systems setup.

Core Elements

These are the parts of the system that are pre-built and tested, with implementation and tuning carried out to suit your specific requirements. These are summarised under the Core Elements Section of this proposal, including any light modification required to suit your purposes.

Custom Components

Any heavy modification to core elements, or specifically custom components of the system are then built and integrated into the system. These elements are are outlined in the second part of our proposal.


We understand (insert reason here if development should be in 2 parts ie there is a short time frame,) and as a result we would suggest development of the system occur in two phases. Please note the second phase is separate to this proposal.

Phase 1

Setup and delivery of core features such as........ 

Phase 2

Overlay improved processes and specific reporting functionality in finer detail once the client is comfortable with the core structure, and more familiar with the systems operation.

Core Components

The StreamSWEET Platform


Considering the stated objectives our intention is to use the following core components of our StreamSWEET CMS platform.





The proposed solution includes 2 websites, an administration site, and the publicly available pages.

The admin will provide access to administrators for the functional operation of day to day tasks, such as content management, email marketing, membership invoicing, and access to CRM management tools.

The administration site also handles role and access configuration for both the the organisations staff and administration, as well as public facing pages. The admin log in page will include  a basic dashboard that shows typical key information that needs to be tracked,or triggers for daily action (such as new or canceled memberships, salesactivity, outstanding invoices and the like.)

The publicly available pages present specified user information as required to meet the business objectives to a targeted audience. The audience may be the public, trade customers or any other specific group of people. In your case we consider the target audience to be .............. available pages.


Whilst the full list of pages needs to be further understood we would generally see a simplification of the current structure, conveying the same information but reducing the number of navigation choices that a user has, to provide a clearer path to the users targeted information.

We would anticipate at least the following pages within the membership portal. (these may need to vary based on further discussions, and we are prepared for some variance)

Front End-Publicly Available
Home Page About Buy NZ made, Panels to highlight
Our Branding Logos, history and similar information.
Membership Pages Contact details and personal information.

Additional pages can be created as the need arises, and all pages can be edited using an HTML based page editor. This allows for basic design functionality for non HTML users to update text and images, as well as direct access to HTML code for more confident HTML users.


Its important to maintain consistency across a site, so we provide tools to ensure a prescribed page format is maintained, giving the ability to enter site data without any html knowledge. We would anticipate the following modules will be included:

  • Simple Product Lists
  • News Article Listings
  • Staff Listings
  • Links
  • Downloadable items
  • FAQ’s


Stream Interactive consider it standard practice when creating web pages using normal white hat SEO. Our standard SEO considerations are appended for your reference.

Social Media

No particular consideration has been given as tosocial media work however at very least links should be included toyour social media accounts.


SSL domain validation will be applied across the whole site. We can provide higher levels of validation if required. (see schedule of services here)



The CRM system includes the ability to manage details of Companies and Organisations whom your business needs to retain or any purpose.

All users who want to visit the site, page access roles, communicators, as well as multiple subscriptions to newsletters, integrated email marketing and recording of customer content details. The facility includes the ability to store data at a company level, as well as at a person level, and search for those entities and people at a later date.
We anticipate initially that the focus will be on organisations, with people attached to them, to allow contact details to be recorded directly for staff.
File notes, emails and phone discussions will be held at a company level, and we would recommend this be adhered to as a general rule, unless the information being stored relates specifically to people. (if this is the case we can make these functions available)
Log ins will be individual per person, however a persons attachment to a company and their associated role against a company will be recorded, both in terms of their position in the company, and their ability to see relevant dashboard page information, organisation details, and Buy NZ Made member benefits. The same role system can be used internally for your administration staff.
We would anticipate that the roles structure here will be straightforward:

Company   → Staff  (can see non financial or membership pages)
   → Administration  (can see all membership admin and finance pages)


Membership Rules and Management





Extended Groups and Profiles

Extended group information is required to be held for Organisations within the system. As part of phase 1 handling, Stream will work with the Buy NZ Made to identify extended groups for:

  • Company Type
  • Industry Classification
  • Discount Groups

This will help with further development of reporting functionality yet to be specified. Additional profile information is also required to support the membership types these include:

  • Staff #
  • Turnover
  • No of stores
  • Business start date


Our CRM System includes some standard reporting functionality, which includes regions, orgnisation group types and membership levels, however the data sets may or may not suit your purposes.

We would suggest reporting be budgeted for and developed once you are more familiar with our standard offering, so we can ensure your needs are met.



Our StreamSHOP component will drive all transactions within the system, both physical and electronic products for download. Membership products will also be driven through this component, in conjunction with the CRM system.

There will be the ability for physical products t obe created, with a simple image and basic title and description fields. These products will be able to categorized as required, with categories (single or multiple) applied to product pages created in the CMS to suit.

All purchases will only be available to logged in users, with our standard check out process operating using DPS for credit card purchases.

Membership applications will be created as an application, and whilst a membership value can be calculated at that point, an invoice will only be generated once the membership has been approved within the administration.


For online products payments can be made during the checkout process by selecting.

  • Cash
  • Cheque
  • Credit Card (via DPS)
  • Direct Credit

For membership invoices the member can pay using the same methods, however access will be via the membership dashboard.


Our system is geared to handle orders which are made up from multiple invoices and credits.

This means a full order can be canceled at the click of a button.

Credit card refunds will be handled manually by the client using DPS log in.


On input of products in the administration afreight type can be entered against products.

Freight calculations can be built to suit your product type.

This proposal allows for ........


We will include the ability for an online user togenerate a printable statement from their dashboard page. This canalso be generated from an administration accounts page and emailed tothe appropriate person. There may be some additional work required toallow for statement payments to be carried through to Xero via API.

Other Financial Considerations

Our system will include the ability to manually generate invoices via the administration, separate from the online automated functionality using the standard product sets created.

It is possible to enter a purchase order or customer notes on an invoice.


The system will come with a standard template that follows the branding guidelines of the website. This can be used for email marketing to groups of people within the CRM, as well as to support any type of generic communication to customers, members, or in support of membership renewal activity.

An additional template can be delivered to support a consistent news delivery format, along with dedicated news pages on your members site.

Users can manage subscriptions for each type in a number of ways, depending on the need.

A simple click to unsubscribe function is likely most suitable for newsletters.

Nil unsubscribe should be available for membership communications.




Custom Components


It is anticipated that there will be a need for the following functionality to support the desired outcomes of the system.

  • outcome 1
  • outcome 2
  • outcome 3

Component 1


Component 2


Component 3



There are no specific requirements for integration to third party services, at this time. Should the need arise we are familiar with API's. Web Services and other forms of automated and scheduled data transfer.


There is a requirement for the following integration:


Data Supply

In order to deliver a quality outcome it is important that the data supplied to us for import into the system is of a quality nature. Fields within our site are validated in various ways, and a uniform approach to data consistency ensures there are minimal failures.

We can spend time validating existing data however without knowing the quality of what is available it is difficult to know how much work is involved.

Ideally data will be supplied in one of the following formats:

  • MS SQL (preferred)
  • MY SQL
  • PostgreSQL

We can also deal with XLSX, CSV and TXT files, and for simple date this is often the preferred method.
There is no intention to carry through log records of past transnational data into the Stream system


Once components of the system have been completed our programmer will run some basic testing to check that the functions required work.

Our development manager will run a second set of testing to ensure that the programmer has meet the brief provided for a given element, and the system operates as expected.

The system will at this point be presented to a staging site for client testing.

Due to the nature of development there are often unforeseen exceptions or differences in the way in which a system is used, or interpreted.There is also a decreasing level of return against exhaustive testing in complex environments.

Our proposal aims to deliver a working system, free of errors, however we strongly recommend that clients are involved in the testing process to sign off functionality and ensure the system meets expectation.

Budget Estimate

In estimating our budget consideration is given to ensure sufficient time has been allowed to plan and prepare the project, see it through in a fashion that allows a considered quality approach both in respect of the public user experience and technical behind the scenes aspects. The following summarizes costs for the different stages of the production. To see a detailed summary of each stage, click here.

Phase 1- Initial System



Scoping, Documentation, Prep development environment

Base Platform


Pre production imagery, Visual skinning, sit map, responsive handling

Core Components


  • CRM
  • SMD
  • SHOP

Custom Components


  • Membership management
  • Vehicle search-ability

Data Integration & Testing

Testing tuning, polish and put live


Phase 2- Further Development

Insert Component for future here


with some little detail if required

and Here


with some little detail if required
Ongoing Costs
(Click here to read more about our hosting options)

Monthly Hosting - Standard Option


with some little detail if required  

MAIL Email


up to 5,000 emails per month  

Monthly Improvements and Support



Payment Schedule

On Commencement of this project we require a deposit of
On Completion of the HTML Website
On Completion of the First Cut of the Staging Site
After Go Live
Total Estimated Project Cost:

Hosting is charged monthly once the site is live. Where delays are experienced due to client hold-ups, work will be changed monthly as an estimate of work completed.
All cost are exclusive of GST

Ongoing Relationship

We want to do business in an ethical and friendly manner, and value long term strategic partnerships. Its important in doing what we do that communication is open and honest, and flows both ways between a companies representatives and its clients.

We don't build a website for you and then disappear. We create online business systems that are intended to help you meet your business goals, in a cost effective and professional manner. A large part of what we do focuses on internal process and data management.

We are committed to keeping in touch on a regular basis feel that its important that your online business system be reviewed on a regular basis, both in terms of the publicly available components, and the internal functionality, to ensure that it remains relevant to your business needs and goals.

Acceptance form

If you wish to proceed with this proposal, please complete the attached Acceptance form and return it to our office.

You will need to be familiar with the following:

  • Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Schedule of Services
  • Service Level Agreement




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