Data Supply

In order to deliver a quality outcome it is important that the data supplied to us for import into the system is of a quality nature. Fields within our site are validated in various ways, and a uniform approach to data consistency ensures there are minimal failures.

We can spend time validating existing data however without knowing the quality of what is available it is difficult to know how much work is involved.Ideally data will be supplied in one of the following formats:

MS SQL (preferred)



We can also deal with XLSX, CSV and TXT files, and for simple date this is often the preferred method.

There is no intention to carry through log records of past transnational data into the Stream system


Once components of the system have been completed our programmer will run some basic testing to check that the functions required work. Our development manager will run a second set of testing to ensure that the programmer has meet the brief provided for a given element, and the system operates as expected.

The system will at this point be presented to a staging site for client testing. Due to the nature of development there are often unforeseen exceptions or differences in the way in which a system is used, or interpreted.There is also a decreasing level of return against exhaustive testing in complex environments.Our proposal aims to deliver a working system, free of errors, however we strongly recommend that clients are involved in the testing process to sign off functionality and ensure the system meets expectation.Acceptance form

If you wish to proceed with this proposal, please complete the attached Acceptance form and return it to our office.You will need to be familiar with the following:

Standard Terms and Conditions

Schedule of Services

Service Level Agreement



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