System Modules

Based on our discussions to date we would anticipate the following modules to support the outcomes desired. Modules that are not included can be added easily at a later date should the need arise.

The modules below will be configured to work together in normal streamSWEET fashion, and the specific requirements for your organisation are described for certainty of outcomes.

CMS - Content Management System


Content Management System

Our content management system allows for a templated approach when updating commonly used information, and is connected to all of our modules, and CRM database. Basic page content can be updated with no HTML skills required. We would anticipate:

  • A professionally designed website using your existing logos and brand material.
  • Clear navigation representing the core organisation values and a simple pathway to promote membership .
  • Good quality Search Engine visibility, with built in meta tag handling tools and Social Media connections.
  • Great responsive functionality for mobile devices.
  • Role restricted, log in access for members and committees as identified.
  • A Simple News Layout

Optional Bespoke Elements to consider:

  • Find A member function
  • Member story function



Whilst the full list of pages needs to be further understood we would generally see a simplification of the current structure, conveying the same information but reducing the number of navigation choices that a user has, to provide a clearer path to the users targeted information.

We would anticipate at least the following pages within the membership portal. (these may need to vary based on further discussions, and we are prepared for some variance)


Front End-Publicly Available
Home Page About Buy NZ made, Panels to highlight
Our Branding Logos, history and similar information.
Membership Pages Contact details and personal information.


Additional pages can be created as the need arises, and all pages can be edited using an HTML based page editor. This allows for basic design functionality for non HTML users to update text and images, as well as direct access to HTML code for more confident HTML users.




Its important to maintain consistency across a site, so we provide tools to ensure a prescribed page format is maintained, giving the ability to enter site data without any html knowledge. We would anticipate the following modules will be included:




Stream Interactive consider it standard practice when creating web pages using normal white hat SEO. Our standard SEO considerations are appended for your reference.


Social Media


No particular consideration has been given as tosocial media work however at very least links should be included toyour social media accounts.




SSL domain validation will be applied across the whole site. We can provide higher levels of validation if required. (see schedule of services here)

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