Online Testing

QUIZ is a powerful online framework that offers the ability to assess people in a number of different environments.

Use automated results calculations or have tutors manually rate the work.

It is suitable for staff, organisation members, or students, and is commonly used in conjunction with our CPD and MAIL systems.


Multiple access types

Access quizzes via personalised dashboard pages, learning modules, or other customised spots in your website.

Multiple question types

Choose from a variety of question types including multi choice, multi select, numerical, matching phrases, and written answers.


Organise questions into sections that are topical and manageable for participants as they work their way through.

Rating sets

Pre-define rating sets to allow multiple questions to be arranged into a group, and based off a single primary question or situation.

Set pass marks

Set pass marks and the system will calculate a result once the quiz has been completed (excludes written answers).

Multiple configurations

During setup of a quiz, configure as desired to display section headings, question navigation and back buttons as required.

Time limits

Set maximum time limits for completion of questions, including time out after a predefined period of time.

Manage sessions

Allow users multiple access if required, with the ability to continue from where they left off.

Give results to participants

Manage what the user sees on completion – the correct answers, or simply a mark.

Multiple languages & Audio

Allow for questions to be in entered and presented in multiple languages, and load supporting audio for each question so users who struggle to read will have equal access.

Integrate Me!

Use in conjunction with CPD or MAIL to deliver a fully consolidated education program.


Upload bulk respondents, manage user response, clear unanswered questions, clone surveys, or review quiz answers on a wholesale basis.



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