Mass Communication

SMS is a mass communication tool that is ideal for situations when immediacy or timeliness is important.

Tightly integrated with the Event system module, it is used to send out mass communication to attendees, and can be used to send automated reminders of impending dates.


SMS delivery

Edit, preview, test and send a one off SMS to a mobile recipient, or many recipients, on an ad-hoc basis or on a templated basis.

Push only, or two way options

Pricing options for one way or two way SMS messaging. 2-way SMS handling is great for opt-in SMS marketing and where competitions are offered. One-way is great for appointment or event reminders.

Import data

Upload phone lists of recipients for a particular purpose, or mine your data in the CRM system.

Send history

Review reports that explain send history.

Integrate me

Like all systems, SMS integrates with other streamSWEET systems and this is especially evident when used with EVENT to remind of upcoming sessions.

Opt out handling

Allow your recipients to opt out of messages.

Analyze numbers

Check if user numbers are valid.



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