Centralised online business package

Modules for "Web Business"

streamSWEET offers numerous business systems, represented as Modules. They all run very well in isolation, but the value really comes when used in the interconnected manner they were designed for.

Gain time to add service value

Bring all your handling to a centralised system which covers all needs. Be done with the frustrating time wasted converting between disparate system such as Excel. Have it all running seamlessly in one place, and spend time delivering better services for customers.


CRM - Management of people and organisations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) handling pervades throughout the streamSWEET package, and is core to much of the wider handling of the system. It supports management of any number of groups, typically including Customers and Suppliers. These groups and profiles are designed to be easily extended, adding new groups and adding profiling as required. The administration for each is flavoured accordingly, tailored to suit each business application.


SHOP - All things e-commerce

Stream SHOP is another system module that layers through many aspects of the streamSWEET package. It supports the sale of physical goods, electronic goods, Events and more. It handles invoicing and multiple payment methods including on account. It can have discount and delivery modules applied, and based on purchase outcomes dynamically gives access to services offered online.

The streamSWEET solution is not a full accounting system, and deliberately limits itself to a transactional processing at a ‘cashbook’ level. It handles invoicing, payments and debtors. It is intended that financial data will be exported on a scheduled basis, then imported into a true financial accounting software package.


MAIL - Email marketing system

Stream MAIL is a great system for communicating en masse with selected audiences, and may be done using selected template designs and in-depth filtering of recipients. Take control of the electronic communication with this fully featured email marketing system, including integration with in-built member databases, previews, testing, email address validation, filtered recipient lists, send scheduling and reporting on which links were clicked on the most.

MAIL seamlessly integrates with QUIZ, SURVEY and EVENT, enabling instant communication to user groups, either in one-off mode or as an automated, pre-set routine.


EVENT - Online event management

Stream EVENT is a packaged online solution for managing events. It presents events to the public in multiple options depending on your setup, can take online bookings as well as record attendance. You can automate the management of each event by having different instances of the same event as well as specifying a maximum occupancy.


LEARN - Online learning system

Stream LEARN provides the ability to create online learning units and to make these available to the public and/or logged in users with accounts. An array of material can be loaded, including the ability to create an online tutorial, and the system connects with other modules such as MAIL, SHOP, CPD and QUIZ.


QUIZ - Online testing system

Steam QUIZ is a stand-alone system module that is offered as part of the streamSWEET package. It is a powerful system that can be used to create online tests, with automated results calculations and assessments.

Quizzes can be associated with learning modules, and with events. The quiz then automatically displays for the logged in user, prompting them to complete it and therefore close out on the learning activity. Typically the learning activity will only be marked as 'completed' when the user achieves a set pass mark.


CPD - Continuing education system for professionals

The streamSWEET package includes a comprehensive Continuing Professional Development (CPD) management system, which is another acronym for CE (Continuing Education), PDL (Professional Development Learning).

Planning, Goals & Targets
The system provides a framework for participants to set up general goals and targets. This is separate to planning related to specific licenses where a user will create information for each specific license.

Self Recording Completions
This will form a core element of the system, providing for users to load up the activities that they completed, including setting how it relates to their licenses and uploading collateral such as certificates.


SURVEY - Online survey system

Stream SURVEY gives you the ability to seek feedback and opinions from your customers, suppliers, members or other focus groups that are important to you business. Collect valuable information about what people think of your product or service offering, find out if new products are of interest to your target audience, and much more.


SMS - SMS marketing and communication system

Stream SMS is an en mass communication tool that is offered as a stand-alone module within the streamSWEET package, and is also tightly integrated with the Event system module. It is used to send out instant communication to attendees, and can be used to send automated reminders of impending dates. Potential exists to use this tool in any number of custom ways, throughout the streamSWEET solution.



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