Mass Email Marketing

MAIL is a fully featured set of tools that do much more than send rich emails to targeted groups.

The system offers powerful editing tools, previews, test sends, send scheduling and of course detailed reporting.

It is this same engine servicing other systems, such as promoting upcoming events.


A Professional Design

Stream creates each design template for you. We call on our years of experience to create professional, technically robust layouts that look great on all email clients and on all devices. You take charge of the content.

Powerful Content

Create powerful content for each email using simple editing tools. Make use of a clean palette of text styling, headings, images and links.

Import mail lists

Easily slice and dice, bringing targeted lists through from your CRM, or use the online tool up upload a CSV file of recipients for a one-off send. Built in protection assures recipients will never receive multiple copies.

Subscription Manager

Provide your customer with multiple subscription options, and follow all best practices for opt-in, permission based marketing.

Detail Analysis

View detailed stats, how many emails were sent, which links were clicked, and how often the email was read.


This is a standalone system, but it also drives mass email support for other systems. This includes dynamic integration with EVENT and SURVEY.

Automated Marketing

Can be used to drive custom needs, such as automated delivery of daily special deals.

Send Scheduler

Create your email, and then send it anytime in the future. Easily handles any number of recipients, from just a few people to tens of thousands.

Email Address validation

Includes sophisticated analysis across your email database before and after sending to cull old or invalid email addresses.

Read our story about designing newsletters to look good on all email clients.



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