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28 May 2024
Today we're asking ChatGPT to help us with our title tag SEO
Whenever you search for something on Google, the results are displayed with a main title and a description below. In addition to standing out, the...
14 Dec 2023
TrailBoss website goes live
Trailboss is an established towbar brand in the Australian market with a reputation of delivering quality products for over 40 years. We were asked to...
16 Nov 2023
Dr John Flood Website
We replaced an ageing Wordpress site with one of our Footprint websites. Check it out.
14 Nov 2023
Parkside Towbars website goes to the next level with a carefully considered refresh
Parkside Towbars have always provided great service and professionalism to their local customers from their 3 stores in Perth, Western Australia. In...
08 Nov 2023
FLOWAMS - The all-new Association Management Software (AMS) by Stream Interactive
We've taken our ever reliable streamSWEET software and reconfigured it into FLOW AMS
06 Sep 2023
Should I consider a WAF (Web application firewall) as part of my website security?
A WAF, or Web Application Firewall, is a vital tool for safeguarding web applications (websites). Its primary function is to filter and monitor HTTP...
21 Aug 2023
10 essential benefits of a website re-skin
A website re-skin, also known as a website redesign or makeover, involves updating the visual elements and user interface of a website while keeping...
04 May 2023
Nonprofit Courses chooses PD able to track its Professional Development
Matt Hugg, President and Founder of Nonprofit Courses tells us how he tried unsuccessfully to find a suitable professional development system for his...
02 May 2023
Insurance Brokers Association of New Zealand (IBANZ) Website
When IBANZ made the shift to rebrand their organisation they also engaged us to refresh their existing membership website. Utilizing streamSWEET,...
01 May 2023
Our Tech 10 - May 2023
The latest goings-on in the tech world as seen by us. Some very cool 'James Bond' toys in this round... Enjoy!
30 Mar 2023
Xmas better late than never
At Stream we try to keep a good work-life balance but things got the better of us at the end of last year and continued into 2023.
16 Mar 2023
Is the hype around AI and ChatGPT really something worth looking into? We decided to find out!
We asked chatGPT to produce an AI generated presentation about one of our favourite topics: Why is Professional Development key to your business...
05 Dec 2022
Trojan E-commerce Website Upgrade
5 years ago Stream Interactive launched the Trojan website, moving the business into full online, e-commerce capability. ERP integration was also...
08 Sep 2022
Professional Development Tracker Software
In our opinion, this is one of the best Professional Development trackers in the world today.
04 Jul 2022
Should I make the switch to Google Analytics 4?
Oh heck Google will no longer be supporting Universal Analytics from 1 July 2023, instead you will now need to migrate over to their latest and...
20 Jun 2022
What are image 'alt' tags and how do they affect SEO?
Image Alt Text and SEO
30 Mar 2022
Should I create a custom 404 page for my website?
What is a 404 page anyway? A 404 page shows when someone gets lost on your website by using the wrong URL. This can happen for a variety of...
22 Nov 2021
Could Google be manipulating your webpage title tags?
In recent months Google has been rewriting Title tags in it’s SERPs at a rate of about 13%, (sometimes up to 20%).
19 Nov 2021
Our Tech 10
Something tech-focussed and fun to read during your tea or coffee break
18 Jun 2021
Can my newsletter look great on all devices & what about those pesky spam algorithms?
Email is still one of the most dependable direct marketing channels available. You've done all the hard work building up a reliable email database...

Should I create a custom 404 page for my website?

30 Mar 2022

What is a 404 page anyway?

A 404 page shows when someone gets lost on your website by using the wrong URL. This can happen for a variety of reasons:

  • They typed in the page URL with a typo in it
  • The page might be temporarily down or unavailable
  • They clicked on a link from a search, but the page no longer exists
  • They bookmarked an old page
  • You moved or deleted a page on your site, but there are still links back to it from other pages or sites

Note: the last 3 items in the list above could be handled using a 301 or 302 error page (redirect).

Default 404 just doesn't cut it!

A standard ‘Default 404’ pages do not provide a good user experience, they can leave a user feeling frustrated and confused. You feel like you're dealing with a computer, not a professional business or a 'real' person.

It doesn’t provide any options or solutions for the user. In most cases they will search again, or go to a competitors website and that’s bad for business!

Poor 404

Turn the negative into a positive

A custom 404 page takes away the confusion of not landing on the page they had intended to land on. It lets your user know that there is an error with their request. Pointing out that they may have mistyped the URL, or the page is temporarily unavailable, or no longer exists.

In the very least you should display:

  • A message
  • A link to the homepage or to other important pages within your site
  • Display some sort branding
  • In some cases you could provide a category listing or site search

A well designed 404 page can:

  • Keep users on your site
  • Direct them to useful content which could help solve their initial query
  • Strengthen your brand and leave a positive impression
  • Improve SEO (can lower your site bounce rate)

Here are a few good 404 examples

Most of these inject a human element (even an inside joke) that feels warm and more personal. The other more practical examples provide plenty of options for you to explore their sites in more detail.







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