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24 Jul 2020
Continuing Professional Development, why is it so important to your organisation?
15 Jul 2020
Order your towbars online using the new Hayman Reese NZ website
Order your towbars online
23 Jun 2020
Chemfeed rebrand: an opportunity to improve product searching
24 Mar 2020
Covid19 Update - We're open for business
As the COVID-19 situation evolves, Stream Interactive Limited has been monitoring developments across the globe and we are acting in a proactive...
03 Mar 2020
Is voice search a thing to consider in my SEO strategy?
Yes.. you bet it is! With smartphones, smart speakers and digital assistants becoming more prevalent, stats show that voice related searching is...
27 Feb 2020
Is Wordpress the right choice for your organisation or business website?
Wordpress is great... well it is but you can be in danger of taking your eye off the ball while you learn how to set it up and keep it running. What...
22 Nov 2019
Better bounce rates
Bounce rate is typically used as a measurement of a websites overall engagement. A high bounce rate could mean that you're not connecting effectively...
15 Nov 2019
World cup game adds magic to successful 2019 tournament
For New Zealanders the 2019 Rugby World Cup in Japan didn't exactly live up to their expectations with the All Blacks eventually finishing 3rd...
08 Aug 2019
Association membership platform costs, what to look out for?
Looking for a membership management platform can be a daunting task, with a broad variety of providers offering different options in terms of...
06 Aug 2019
Simple and affordable fantasy rugby games for your business
Play a simple 'Pick the Score' fantasy rugby game that your customers, staff and suppliers will love. Make it your own by re-skinning it with your...
01 Aug 2019
Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007
The Unsolicited Electronic Messages Act 2007 prohibits the sending of spam with a New Zealand link (i.e. messages sent to, from, or within New...
15 May 2019
Do your SERPs make sense?
Probably the single most important thing that your website must achieve is being found by a search engine, without that your site and content are...
27 Mar 2019
streamSWEET multi site capability a bonus for associations
How good would it be if you could manage your own conference website using the same CMS tools as your main site, and connect seamlessly to your...
20 Nov 2018
Going for Gold at the Masters Games
Recently Jim Griffiths (co-director and co-owner of Stream Interactive) competed in the 2018 Pan Pacific Masters Games, playing his favourite sport of...
14 Nov 2018
What is an SPF record, and why should we care?
In an ever increasing technical world "spammers" and "phishers" are looking to pretend to be someone the aren't, for all sorts of reasons. As domain...
29 Aug 2018
Membership application is a breeze
We've created a quick 4 step wizard that makes member applications online a whole lot simpler
27 Aug 2018
Trade show POS app saves time & improves customer experience
A customer had a requirement to sell product at a trade show. We created a point of sale system that allowed them to scan a product supermarket style
25 Aug 2018
Dental EXPO 2018
Dental EXPO is an industry expo showcasing current and emerging industry products, services, technologies and trends.
23 Aug 2018
We've partnered with The Performance Team to improve our performance
Our business is ever evolving and a recent chance meeting with a team performance coach gave rise to a new opportunity to refocus on the way we do...
16 Apr 2018
Your online profile - tips to improve safety
Over time people slowly filter out into the internet a vast amount of information about themselves. The recent Cambridge Analytic/Facebook Scandal...

Simple and affordable fantasy rugby games for your business

06 Aug 2019

Fantasy rugby pioneers

Not many people know that the co-founders of Stream Interactive, Bruce Timmins and Jim Griffiths, were heavily involved in the development of the first fantasy rugby games to appear on the web. These were amongst the most in-depth and sophisticated games ever designed. Even today they are still unmatched in the salary-capped gaming arena, considered the most difficult fantasy game to master.

Even though these games were incredibly popular, the team running them struggled to keep up as Super Rugby, 6 Nations, International Series, Rugby World Cups and Lions Tours kept expanding. Each game had to be recorded and more than a dozen stats needed to be collected against each player for the duration of the game. What started out as a sideline project soon ballooned to became a behemoth undertaking that was impacting on Stream's 'client work'.

TEAMBUILDER Pick the Score

Unfortunately the call was made to take a sabbatical from advanced gaming, much to the distain of our 50,000+ fans, but something had to give as our clients always come first. With more resources in the future we may get it back up and running again.

Corporate pick the score rugby games

Stream was however, developing (in parallel) a simpler game based around the 'pick the score' model which is very popular in the corporate sector. These games can be re-skinned to suit a company's brand and promoted as their very own fantasy rugby gaming website. Sites have been produced for Philips Lighting, JA Russell, Brancott Estate, Merial, Blackthorn Cider and KEO. 

Today, under the TEAMBUILDER banner, Stream continues to develop fantasy rugby games that are cost effective and fun to play.

Stream Interactive has been at the forefront of fantasy rugby development since 1999. We can create an affordable game for you based around any rugby competition in the world.



The template design format has dedicated space for presenting banners, feature content and prize information. Colour schemes can be tuned to create a strongly branded game.


Users will need to register with the site to begin playing. This includes a confirmation email that is sent to the user, they must click an activation link to confirm their registration before their login details will be usable.


Typically these are based on offices, branches or regions. Divisions are a fun way for groups to engage with each other, to form connections and a bit of friendly rivalry.

Auto Pick

Selecting the winning teams for each round is done in a simple manor, by entering each score next to the team match-ups. We've also included an 'auto picker' which can auto-select your scores with a single click.

Email Gamers

Send out invitations, reminders and game news to all competitors using our simple email editor. Import email addresses via text file, Xcel or CSV.

Bonus Points Question

A bonus question attached with each Round is managed by you, and is typically used as product training or to bring attention to business strategies. If competitors get them right they score extra points!


More TEAMBUILDER features →


Games are built in partnership with FITsurfer Fantasy Games


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