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The benefits of an ongoing partnership

28 Apr 2017

Stream Interactive is fortunate to have a many customers who have shown faith, and together we have evolved their business from simple websites to advanced business solutions that drive a position of market strength.

We take a philosophy that business must give a win/win outcome.  We must be in space that by working together we can make 1 + 1 =3.

We want to do business in an ethical and friendly manner, and value long term strategic partnerships. Its important in doing what we do that communication is open and honest, and flows both ways between a companies representatives and its clients. As a result we get to know what is really needed, and can give expert insights that help address opportunities.  Together we challenge the status quo and plan how to gain maximum value.

Benefits of a long term business relationship include:

  1. If business a relationship can be maintained that satisfies the needs of the customer and the supplier there is no down time in re learning another suppliers or customers methods.
  2. Working together builds trust and understanding, which means better solutions are provided.
  3. Trusted relationships with a history of knowledge allows suppliers to take on more non critical tasks for customers, and also provides access to broader networks, allowing effective outsourcing.
  4. Cost and time savings can be achieved as valued relationships often lead to preferential service.

Here are some tips to improving your supplier/customer relationships:

Value the partnership - if you have a shared vision of partnership you can pull together in the right direction to achieve the desired goals.

Be a useful resource. - if your customers come to you looking for answers help them out! The more they value your input the more they will value your input, but always tell the truth - a wise person knows what they don't know, and once you give poor advice or service its hard to recover.

Say what you do - Tell people what, how and why, you do what you do, so they are informed. Be open to change if necessary, but don't try too hard to depart from your core activity to meet an obscure service or product that you cant deliver well.

Do what you say - Its really important the you don't surprise people. Setting exceptions and then meeting them builds trust. This relates to provision of service and product, as well as timing and cost.

Communicate lots. - Updates to clients on helpful information, work progress or unexpected issues are all opportunities to build rapport and build relationships if handled properly. People will often appreciate honesty when genuine unexpected issues arise, and will be even happier of you over deliver on promises.

Take the worry out of it. - What ever you offer if a client has you to do it for them then don't give reason for them to worry about it.

Here's a Stream Case study about repeat business.


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