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20 Nov 2018
Going for Gold at the Masters Games
Recently Jim Griffiths (co-director and co-owner of Stream Interactive) competed in the 2018 Pan Pacific Masters Games, playing his favourite sport of...
29 Aug 2018
Membership application is a breeze
We've created a quick 4 step wizard that makes member applications online a whole lot simpler
27 Aug 2018
Trade show POS app saves time & improves customer experience
A customer had a requirement to sell product at a trade show. We created a point of sale system that allowed them to scan a product supermarket style
25 Aug 2018
Dental EXPO 2018
Dental EXPO is an industry expo showcasing current and emerging industry products, services, technologies and trends.
23 Aug 2018
We've partnered with The Performance Team to improve our performance
Our business is ever evolving and a recent chance meeting with a team performance coach gave rise to a new opportunity to refocus on the way we do...
16 Apr 2018
Your online profile - tips to improve safety
Over time people slowly filter out into the internet a vast amount of information about themselves. The recent Cambridge Analytic/Facebook Scandal...
04 Apr 2018
Free website SEO health check
How healthy is your website? Whats the point of having a website if no one can find it? Contact us and we will generate a report for you giving a free...
16 Mar 2018
Google's Mobile-First Index, what is it and why is it so important to your online presence in 2018
Google now turns it's focus to mobile.
26 Oct 2017
Association action stations
We've built a cool new online tool, and we want to share it.
20 Oct 2017
Stream support DPS and Apple Pay for web
Let your customers phone become a wallet with DPS and Apple Pay allows customers to make secure purchases in stores, in apps, and on the web.
26 Sep 2017
Xero integration with streamSWEET
Our fantastic programming team have spent a considerable amount of effort getting streamSWEET to connect with XERO, the world-class accounting...
20 Jul 2017
Key things to look for when choosing Association Management Software
There is a huge amount of choice when looking for Association Management Software. Finding the right one usually requires defining the critical...
28 Apr 2017
The benefits of an ongoing partnership
Its a well known fact that its easier to keep an existing client than gain a new one. More than that, its beneficial for both parties to deal with...
28 Apr 2017
What is responsive design?
"Responsive Design" is a current buzz word that is talked about in the website development world. What is it and why is it important?
24 Apr 2017
Amazon are coming!
Online retail juggernaut Amazon steps closer to New Zealand, setting up warehouses in Australia.
16 Apr 2017
Stream boosted with new talent
Several new team members are already adding value to our vastly experienced team.

Stream support DPS and Apple Pay for web

20 Oct 2017

Direct Payment Solutions (DPS) have recently communicated their integration of apple pay into their Payment Express PX Pay 2 online payment service.

Stream Interactive regularly recommend Payment Express as a preferred choice for online e-commerce

What is it?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment method/digital wallet allowing anyone with a payment card stored against their Apple device to pay in-store using NFC and online or in-app via your Payment Express gateway. It provides a fast and secure way to take payments which also helps reduce fraud through the in-built authentication process.

How does it work?

Apple Pay allows users to seamlessly pay with their stored payment card at the touch of a finger on selected iOS devices. No card data is stored on the phone and a secure token is passed to the gateway which is de-crypted and sent to the acquirer for approval.

How does Stream Use It?

Stream Interactive's standard checkout pages divert to the Payment Express PXPay 2 screens based on customers account details. E commerce customers enter payment details directly into the Portal with a successful payment message being returned to the Stream Site once the payment has been transacted. One of the options presented now includes Apple Pay.

Talk to us if you're interested in Online E Commerce or B2B E Commerce using DPS or Apple Pay Services.


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