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05 Dec 2022
Trojan E-commerce Website Upgrade
5 years ago Stream Interactive launched the Trojan website, moving the business into full online, e-commerce capability. ERP integration was also...
08 Sep 2022
Professional Development Tracker Software
In our opinion, this is one of the best Professional Development trackers in the world today.
04 Jul 2022
Should I make the switch to Google Analytics 4?
Oh heck Google will no longer be supporting Universal Analytics from 1 July 2023, instead you will now need to migrate over to their latest and...
20 Jun 2022
What are image 'alt' tags and how do they affect SEO?
Image Alt Text and SEO
30 Mar 2022
Should I create a custom 404 page for my website?
What is a 404 page anyway? A 404 page shows when someone gets lost on your website by using the wrong URL. This can happen for a variety of...
22 Nov 2021
Could Google be manipulating your webpage title tags?
19 Nov 2021
Our Tech 10
18 Jun 2021
Can my newsletter look great on all devices & what about those pesky spam algorithms?
Email is still one of the most dependable direct marketing channels available. You've done all the hard work building up a reliable email database...
03 May 2021
Civil trades accreditation programme website
Civil Trades is the go-to destination for aspiring and qualified civil trades people who want to be recognised for their skills in the industry
22 Mar 2021
Subdomain or Subdirectory, which is better for SEO?
Sometimes it makes sense to manage two different websites from the same domain, but how does this affect SEO?
17 Dec 2020
Integrating Xero with your website will benefit your organisation
One of steamSWEET's biggest advantages over other systems is it's ability to integrate with XERO. We've compiled a very simple checklist to help you...
17 Dec 2020
AutoPacific Group Website
AutoPacific Group is an industry leading designer, manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, custom-engineered towing, trailering, cargo...
11 Dec 2020
COVID 19 has dramatically affected our business... but in a good way!
2020 has been an extraordinary year for Stream Interactive, with all the lockdowns and travel limitations, we've had to adapt to the new world order....
24 Jul 2020
Continuing Professional Development, why is it so important to your organisation?
15 Jul 2020
Order your towbars online using the new Hayman Reese NZ website
Order your towbars online
23 Jun 2020
Chemfeed rebrand: an opportunity to improve product searching
24 Mar 2020
Covid19 Update - We're open for business
As the COVID-19 situation evolves, Stream Interactive Limited has been monitoring developments across the globe and we are acting in a proactive...
03 Mar 2020
Is voice search a thing to consider in my SEO strategy?
Yes.. you bet it is! With smartphones, smart speakers and digital assistants becoming more prevalent, stats show that voice related searching is...
27 Feb 2020
Is Wordpress the right choice for your organisation or business website?
Wordpress is great... well it is but you can be in danger of taking your eye off the ball while you learn how to set it up and keep it running. What...
22 Nov 2019
Better bounce rates
Bounce rate is typically used as a measurement of a websites overall engagement. A high bounce rate could mean that you're not connecting effectively...

COVID 19 has dramatically affected our business... but in a good way!

11 Dec 2020

Without realising it, the team at Stream Interactive were well-suited and ready for something like COVID 19

When the New Zealand government enforced the first nation-wide lockdown in March 2020, we quickly went into ‘remote’ mode. In-house expertise had us connected via a VPN link into the office network. Working remotely for most of us has been the norm for many, many years, with some of our programming workforce living in different countries and timezones.

Teamwork & efficiency gains

Our usual project and strategy meetings continued without a hitch and in most cases major efficiencies were gained. Using tools like Skype, Zoom, Google Meets, Microsoft Teams and WeChat connecting with our clients also became super-easy and very productive.

Communication Tools

As luck would have it, we had several projects about to hit the production line and given that most of our clients were now at home, a perfect storm of ‘getting it done’ emerged.

On top of that, stalled projects or those that were sitting on the back-burner all of a sudden became urgent or crucial for our customers... to do NOW! Organisations wanted to engage with their members, businesses wanted to enhance what they were doing, improving online sales and becoming more efficient. What started out as a very scary year for us has turned into one of our busiest.

A new year, a new attitude

Even when the lockdowns are lifted ’Online’ seems to be a positive way forward for many, it’s now become a part of our everyday lives. A barrier has been pierced, with the possibilities now being allowed to flow through. Our advice is to push ahead with your ‘online’ strategies, we'll definitely be doing that. We’re lifting our game in 2021, improving our products and services, advertising more and building new tools. As we’ve seen in 2020, if you stay still, you get left behind.



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